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Our Expertise

The CLARET team’s expert knowledge is broad and capable of adding value across all Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) and phases of the product lifecycle.


In many instances, reliability and lifetime performance are considered only towards to latter stages of the TRLs when there is a physical product to evaluate.  While this approach can work, CLARET believes a better approach is to address lifetime and realiability challenges as the product or technology matures and progression through the TRLs is achieved.  This way failure modes are identified and overcome as they arise, giving greater confidence in the reliability, durability and integrity of the end product.  In addition to the capabilities outlined below, further details on how reliability and durability can be designed into a product during research and development can be found in the 'Design for Reliability and Quality' section.

Product Lifecycle

Just because a technology has been commercialised and is in the marketplace shouldn't mean that evaluation of reliability and lifetime performance stops.  Factors such as:

  • Continuous improvement activities

  • Changes in regulatory standards

  • Component obsolescence

  • Emergence of newer and better materials

  • Pressure to continually innovate in response to changing markets

may require you to change the physical, functional, and performance characteristics of your product throughout its life.  CLARET can assist throughout the product lifecycle by evaluating the reliability and lifetime performance of your technology as it matures and changes are implemented.  Additionally, CLARET can requalify products and extend lifespans by demonstrating empirically their continued reliability and durablity. 

CLARET capabilities include:

  • Material identification and selection

  • Failure mode effects analysis

  • Whole lifecycle analysis

  • Modelling analysis and simulation

  • Issues with staining, corrosion, delamination, particulates, contaminants, reverse engineering, patent infringement

  • On-wafer RF (MEMS) characterisation and metrology
  • New materials: carbons, polymers, oligomers, composites and SAMs etc.

  • Simulation to optimise material and yield

  • Component / system requalification

  • Circuit design and manufacture

  • Laser characterisation and surface analysis using a variety of techniques

  • Accelerated lifetime testing – HALT / HASS


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