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In addition to specialist engineers and technologists, CLARET offers cost-effective access to a suite of industry-standard calibrated test and measuring equipment and facilities. Clean-rooms and inert atmosphere fabrication, laser micromachining and surface analysis laboratory facilities, including the specialist knowledge to operate these, are also available.

Together this equipment delivers a unique and sophisticated lifetime and reliability testing and support capability, one that is directly relevant to the creation, growth and sustainment of regional and national technology-focussed industry.

  • Phi Electronics Thrift III ToF-SIMS: Surface analysis / depth profiling/ interface analysis / imaging
  • TS Space extreme thermal cycler / space chamber: -180 Deg C to +180 Deg C (vacuum capability to follow)
  • Weiss Technik thermal / environmental chamber: -70 Deg C to +230 Deg C (6-axis HALT / HASS capability to follow)
  • Thermal / humidity chamber: -70 Deg C to +180 Deg C, 0 - 99% RH and humidity freeze test capability
  • Thermal / humidity chamber: 0 Deg C to +100 Deg C and 0 - 99% RH
  • Laser cleaning facility: selective surface contaminant removal
  • Class 1000 Cleanroom
  • Thin film coating Thermal, E-Beam, sputtering, LTE
  • Processing equipment spin coating, photolithography, NIL, laser ablation
  • Glovebox coater for fabricating devices in a N2 atmosphere
  • Characterisation equipment AFM, SEM, FTIR, UV-Vis, NMR, XRD
  • Electro/opto-characterisation NSOM, Solar simulator, light soaking,
    EQE, photoluminescence, UV-Vis

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