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Practical Support

Traditional test and accreditation facilities provide quantitative test reports with little or no qualitative analysis of results. Opportunities for post-test engagement tailored to the specific needs of your business and technology are also often limited.

Where CLARET differs is that in addition to testing the reliability and longevity of components and devices during R&D, manufacture and in-service, we can exploit our collective understanding of the science of device and system reliability to provide recommendations that help shape subsequent activities.  It is this level of insight and practical assistance adds a unique dimension and real business value.

Services offered include:

  • Material identification and selection
  • Evaluating manufacturing process suitability
  • Evaluating causes of staining, corrosion, delamination, particulates and contamination
  • Chemistry of materials / materials science
  • Test result interpretation
    • Answering the what, why, how and when questions
    • Provision of tailored recommendations
  • Reverse engineering, patent infringement and process matching
  • Manufacturing process improvement
  • System design and integration
  • Detailed lifecycle analysis

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